The artist Dana Lynn Pettem was born in The City of the Thousand Islands on the beautiful St Lawrence River in Ontario, Canada. While always being artistically inclined, she has carried a deep appreciation for nature and the beautiful gifts it offers. Having a fascination for gem stones and wood it is no surprise she took that fascination and created art.

Dana was greatly influenced by many, and attained skills in interior design, craftsmanship and various trades. Using all she has learned from many important individuals along the way, she has attained the necessary skills and created Diseño Natural. Although all these influences have helped her develope her version of functional art, it has been her vision and dedication to creating unique yet naturally beautiful pieces that has set her apart.

Dana is a Canadian artist at heart but spends her time designing in her second home Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Being the cultured individual she is, she craves worldly inspiration. Fortunate to spend alot of time designing with her husband Francisco in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, they get the opportunity to work with incredible cuts of exotic hardwood. Doing their best to source wood from fallen and salvaged trees, which is very important being sure to harm nothing in nature. Dedicated to only using very high quality Gem Stones, Pearls, Freshwater Shells, and Exotic Wood Dana employs a modern touch with quality resins, acrylic, glass, metal and LED lights. The intent regarding her art is simple. Natural beauty from Mother Nature complemented with enhanced lighting. A technique rarely seen with wood and glass like resins with encrusted gem stones.

Dana, Paco and their team will continue to create collection after unique collection using her artistic philosophies and the beauty of nature.

Luxury By: Nature